Are Your Technicians Certified?

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Are your technicians certified?

At ArtMed we believe that professional standards are the key to excellent results.  Training and qualifications are an essential requirement for all staff working at ArtMed.  But what exactly does that mean?

At ArtMed our nurses have both received their degrees in Registered Practical Nursing and they are members of the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario.  Nurse Laura has nearly completed her registered nurse training and will soon be additionally qualified as an RN. An RN has a Bachelor of Science in nursing which is a significantly higher level of training than RPN.  Similarly, nurse Shannon is presently studying to obtain her RN degree as well. Both of ArtMed’s nurse injectors have worked in the nursing field outside of aesthetics and we believe this significantly contributes to their level of care and professionalism.

Our laser technicians are also certified.  They have obtained their training through a multi-year college diploma course or from a Diploma program in medical aesthetics from one of North America’s leading CIDESCO approved training colleges.  CIDESCO is the world’s foremost international beauty therapy association. The organization located in Zurich Switzerland sets standards and requirements regarding facilities, equipment and treatment methods taught. There are only 200 CIDESCO certified schools around the world.  In addition to this foundational training, our laser technicians are additionally certified on the specific lasers they use at ArtMed. Such training is undertaken with national level trainers from the specific companies who manufacture and maintain the lasers at ArtMed.

Training is also ongoing.  All clinical staff at ArtMed – nurses, doctors and laser technicians continually update their medical education through courses, conferences and in-clinic training from industry experts.

Aesthetics is a rapidly expanding and ever-changing area of medical expertise. At ArtMed we are committed to being on the forefront so that we can provide you the best possible results.

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