ArtMed Appreciates You – and Rewards You!

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ArtMed Appreciates You – and Rewards You!

by Jane Watson, Business Director and Co-owner and Mary Peirson M.D., Medical Director and Co-Owner

ArtMed Appreciates You

Did you know that ArtMed has its very own loyalty program for Botox and Xeomin? And that it can be used in conjunction with the Brilliant Distinctions Rewards program offered through Allergan – the makers of Botox? Or with the Xeomin Rewards Program?

We value your loyalty to ArtMed. Consequently, when you attend the clinic for your Botox or Xeomin treatment if you pre-book your next treatment at that same visit you are guaranteed 10% off that next treatment – even if you have to change the date later to make it work with unforeseen adjustments in your schedule. You discount is guaranteed and can only be lost if you cancel your appointment. Booking your next appointment in advance is an efficient and cost effective saving option for Botox and Xeomin.

Additionally, you can save by becoming an ArtMed Member which provides discounts on products and services. See more details about ArtMed Memberships in an upcoming post!

Why do we offer these savings programs? At ArtMed, we believe developing a partnership with you provides the best opportunity to achieve your treatment goals. The loyalty programs we offer help to solidify that partnership. We want to work with you to achieve your aesthetic goals, and maintaining a regular treatment relationship is essential to that process. Like your relationship with your personal trainer, hairdresser, family doctor or dentist, knowing you well is vitally important to achieving optimum results.

You will never see ArtMed on Groupon or offering misleading introductory offers that end up costing patients much more than they anticipated. (How would you feel to see your dentist on Groupon offering 50% off his cavity work?)

At ArtMed we also believe price transparency helps foster partnerships.  Therefore we will be adding a page to our website shortly that lists the prices of our products and services – nothing hidden, no gimmicks, only full transparency. We believe in providing information about treatment options freely, honestly and with integrity.  Some of our prices are going up slightly in February (not Botox!) and we want you to know. We believe that price transparency facilitates easier decision making for our patients. As always, we are here to answer any and all questions.

Sincerely, The ArtMed Team


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