ArtMed Memberships – FAQ

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ArtMed Memberships – FAQ

What is an ArtMed Membership Account?

Quite simply, it is the best and simplest way to save money at ArtMed! With the purchase of an ArtMed Membership Account you will receive a generous 15 – 30% off any FULL PRICE individual service and 10% of any FULL PRICE skin care product or makeup that we sell. (See below for details as to which services have which discounts.) Your membership discount is applicable until May 1st, 2020, or as soon as your account is depleted of funds, whichever comes first.

Why is it only available until May 1st, 2020?

All ArtMed Memberships end at the same time, and they were originally offered at our Anniversary Open House in May 2018.  In essence, if you are purchasing a Membership in May, you are purchasing a 1 year Membership which entitles you to discounts up till and including May 1st, 2020.

What If I already have a Membership and I want to add more funds to it?

Now is the time! If you purchased a Membership in May 2019, and you have already depleted your account, or are running low, you can add funds to your existing account from now until 6 pm Friday May 17 2019.

How do I purchase an ArtMed Membership?

You can come visit us in person at the Open House and fill out a Membership Registration and we will call you between now Friday May 17th to create your membership over the phone. This is the best way as your registration will have priority. You can also purchase it that day, but why wait in line? You will receive faster more attentive service when we have time to answer your questions over the phone. There is no pressure to make your purchase at the Open House.

You can come visit us in person anytime between Monday May 13 – 17th and complete Registration during your visit.

You can call us any time between Monday May 13 – Friday May 17th between the hours of 10 am – 4 pm and complete your membership registration over the phone (credit card transactions only). Since we anticipate that this week will be busy, please forgive us if we can’t answer the phone right away. We will do our best! But if you leave a message, we will get back to you!

You may also email us at with the following information:

  • your request for an ArtMed Membership
  • the best times to contact you
  • the best number to reach you

If you email us this information, we will contact you during the times you suggested to consult with you and process your transaction over the phone.

There are 10 Levels of Membership, ranging from $500 to $5000. Since your choice of service may evolve and change throughout the year, the membership allows flexibility to choose what you want, when you want it, and it’s always on sale as long as you have funds in your membership account. You can choose any one of the levels below that range from $500 to $5000:

How do I choose the appropriate Level of Membership for me?

The level you choose should take into account your past spending habits and/or take into consideration any treatments you are thinking about having between now and May 1st, 2020. For example, if you are thinking of having Halo in the next 6 months calculate that into the price. Most of our prices are listed on our website – with a few exceptions.

But don’t worry! We can help you figure out what is best for you during your consultation. The beauty of this plan is that you don’t need to know for certain what you want, just an approximation of your budget between now and May of next year.

How do I use my membership?

It’s easy! We will flag all membership accounts so we are aware that you have a pre-approved discount with us. So when you come in to have a service done, or purchase a product, we will use your membership funds to pay for your service and will automatically apply your discount. You can request a print out of the balance of your Membership Account at any time.


  • Best pricing offer ever on all our treatments!
  • No more waiting for sales! Your treatments are on sale all year long.
  • You can change your mind about what you want to spend your Membership on at any time – as long as funds are in your account you choose to apply your discount to whatever applicable purchases you want.


  • This is time a time sensitive offer! We will only offer ArtMed memberships between Saturday May 11th and Friday May 17th.
  • These funds may only be used towards FULL PRICE treatments, not towards packages (e.g. 3 BBL package price would not be apply, but individual BBL pricing only.
  • Unused funds will remain on your account at the end of the year to be used toward any treatments or products desired, however your discount will run out on May 1st
  • Exact amounts cannot be purchased for Membership account, only full Levels of Membership.

What if I don’t have enough funds in my Membership account for a service I want later in the year?

If you don’t have enough funds to cover the entire amount of your purchase later in the year, as long as you have 50% of the balance, we will honour the discount, but you will be expected pay the remaining balance at time of treatment.  See the two examples below for illustration.

What if there are leftover funds in my account at the end of the membership term (May 1th 2020)?

They will remain on account, no worries. It’s not like they disappear! The only thing that changes is that you will no longer have a discount available for the cost of treatments after May 1st 2020. You can use the funds toward any other services or products or future sales indefinitely. We will contact you to remind you of any unused funds in your membership account in April of next year.

Can I add to my membership throughout the year?

Unfortunately no, and this has changed. This opportunity is offered only once per year and we reserve the right not to renew memberships in 2020.

Is there a deadline to register an ArtMed Membership Account?

Yes. All memberships must be requested by Friday May 17th at 4 pm to be considered valid. Memberships are valid only until May 1st, 2020.

What about HST?

HST must be accounted for in your upfront Membership costs. So add that pesky 13% when calculating your Membership Level.

Does my membership expire?

Yes, but your money does not disappear! Your funds remaining on account may be used toward future treatments, services, products and sales.

Can I renew my membership?

At this time, we cannot guarantee that we will offer Memberships annually.

Can I use my Brilliant Distinctions coupons, my Merz Experience, my Referral gift card or my Prollinium Rewards with my membership?

Yes! These promotions may be used with your membership funds.

Are prices guaranteed throughout the year?

We do not anticipate making any price adjustments throughout the year at this time, but cannot guarantee our prices are fixed for the year. If we do have to make any adjustments, you can trust that they will be minimal.

Can I get a refund if I move away or change my mind?

Yes, refunds of money on account can be made at any time, minus a $50 registration fee. Registration fees only apply when Membership Accounts are refunded and are free to set up otherwise.

Can I use it in combination with other offers and specials on sale at ArtMed?

No, if we have other monthly specials or offers you funds cannot be used for in combination (i.e. 20% plus the discount of the month) except rewards programs as outlined above.

Can I use it on skin care products?

Yes; your discount on skin care products is 10% throughout the year.

Laser Hair Removal at 30% OFF? Do tell!

With your membership, Laser Hair Removal Packages will be discounted an additional 10%, since packages of 8 are already discounted 20% from our regular prices. That means all laser hair removal packages are a whopping 30% off all year long with your Membership! Individual hair removal treatments receive 20% off as do touch ups.

How do I know how much to put on my ArtMed Membership Account?

This is up to you, and will require you to best estimate what services you will likely want to have done within the next 6-12 months.

Keep in mind, you must have at least 50% of the cost of treatment remaining in your account to use it toward your discounted service. For example, if you have $200 remaining in your account and you wish to purchase a $1200 treatment, you can use your $200 of funds, but the treatment will be at full cost. It will no longer be valid at the 20% off rate since you have less than 50% of the value in your account. If you have $600 in your account and you wish to purchase a $1200 service, you may use your remaining membership balance and pay for the rest that day and receive the full 20% discount.

Coming to the Open House?

Indicate to us your desire to purchase a membership that day in person, and if possible, we will complete your transaction at that time. Membership minimum is $500. If you don’t’ want to wait in line, (and we suggest you don’t!) make sure you fill out a Membership Registration ballot that day, and we will contact you during the next best available day the week of May 13 – 17th to process your transaction over the phone.




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