The ArtMed Method: The Why and How We Treat

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Medical aesthetics is a rapidly changing sphere of medicine and as a result innovation is common and changes to best practices are frequent.  Dr. Peirson makes it her priority to stay abreast of the very best the field has to offer.  This means she attends regional, national and international conferences and workshops and brings that expertise back to ArtMed.  Her invitation to Mexico City this past year by Allergan International to train with the esteemed Dr. De Maio is a testament to her level of expertise and forward thinking philosophies. There she was exposed to next level standards of care and furthered her training in non-surgical solutions to alleviate unwanted signs of aging.  As the field of medical aesthetics evolves, it is becoming evident that frequent, small improvements on a regular basis are the optimal approach to slowing or reversing the signs of aging.  She looks to optimize treatment results by establishing a customized anti-aging plan that involves multiple treatment modalities, scientifically proven products and harnessing the capabilities inherent to the human body itself.

In general, Dr. Peirson feels there are three significant areas of aging that can be addressed through today’s aesthetic products and technology:

1) Skin condition:  Skin condition as we age is determined by exposure to pollution, solar radiation, lifestyle choices, medical issues and genetics. When skin condition is optimized, every other aging related change appears less significant.  Inasmuch, ArtMed seeks to improve patient skin quality through the use prescription and pharmaceutical grade Health Canada approved dermatological products, innovative laser and RF technologies, collagen induction treatments and more.  Wrinkles, scarring, pigmentation issues, rosacea, acne, spots and lesions, tone and texture issues can all be addressed.

2) Dynamic wrinkling:  Over time our skin shows signs of wear and tear due to expressiveness and use.  Sometimes such wrinkling is lovely and reflects a life well-lived, but at other times it projects a message inconsistent with our feelings.  Wrinkles due to frowning, worry lines, squinting and pursing can be treated with Botox.  Dr. Peirson believes a customized Botox treatment plan unique to the individual is critical to achieving a natural aesthetic and functional result.  Additionally, Botox can be used to treat medical conditions such as migraines, excessive sweating, teeth grinding, eye brow hooding and more.

3) Age related volume loss:  Perhaps the poorest understood element of aging is the loss of bone, fat and connective tissue over time.  The face is plump and firm in youth with a generous bone structure, ample facial fat pads and plenty of collagen. As a consequence facial muscles are firm and taut with support from beneath and above.  With age we resorb bone, fat pads diminish and collagen and fibrin begin to loosen, stretch and disappear.  This leads to an overall deflation of the face and what we then observe as sagging and deeper wrinkles.  Patients report feeling as though they look tired, or sad, or unhappy.  Deflation can be addressed through a variety of modalities including hyaluronic acid facial fillers (Juvéderm, Teosyal), skin tightening technologies (laser and radio frequency), and collagen induction therapies (Micro-needling, Mesotherapy, ablative and non-ablative laser).  When firming and re-inflation of lost volume is achieved, the muscles in the face also function better (improved myo-metrics) providing a synergistic overall anti-aging result that is natural in appearance.  Similarly the neck, décolletage and hands can also be treated. Volume loss treatment plans are highly customized and often achieved through multiple modalities over multiple appointments.  This leads to a gradual and natural correction and improvement over time which can then be maintained with small interventions thereafter.

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