Ask Dr. Peirson – Excessive Sweating and Botox… Does it really work?

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Ask Dr. Peirson – Excessive Sweating and Botox… Does it really work?

Severe underarm sweating can significantly impact an individual’s enjoyment of life.  The summer can be particularly difficult for people who suffer from excess sweating which is known as hyperhidrosis.  What causes this condition?  Sweat glands are found next next to hair follicles in our skin.  There is a very tiny muscle associated with the sweat gland.  When that muscle contracts it causes sweat stored in the sweat gland to be expressed up onto the skin surface.  When a sweat gland is emptied of sweat it immediately gets busy producing more sweat.  For some people the muscle that causes the sweat gland to empty is overly sensitive to normal stimuli like hot temperatures or emotional situations. Consequently it’s constantly causing the sweat gland to release sweat to the skin surface and make more and more sweat. This can lead to excessive and constant sweating. This is why Botox is so effective in treating hyperhidrosis.  By injecting Botox into the skin very superficially the sweat gland muscle is so weakened it cannot empty the sweat gland and so the excessive sweating is stopped in its tracks.  Will the glands back up with sweat as a result?  Is it safe?  Because the glands only make additional sweat when they’re emptied, they just stop making additional sweat while the muscle is inactive – in effect they’re in a holding pattern until the Botox wears off and this is completely safe.  Botox for hyperhidrosis also lasts longer than cosmetic use Botox. Presto – virtually no sweating for 6-12 months.

Botox for hyperhidrosis should only be injected by a physician, or a nurse with oversight by a physician, in an accredited office.

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