Ask Dr. Peirson – How much lip filler do I need to have a natural result?

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Lip augmentation for volume and shaping is one of the most popular filler injections we do here at ArtMed.  If you are considering this treatment you may be wondering: How much lip filler will I need? What brand of filler should I use? How long will my results last? At ArtMed we carry two brands of hyaluronic acid (HA) lip filler. The Juvéderm® by Allergan line of fillers are extremely popular in Canada and within their line we commonly use Volbella for lip filling.  Volbella was specifically developed to be used in the lips and is part of Allergan’s Vycross line of fillers.  This very soft and natural looking filler can last 6-12 months on average.  Because Volbella is very soft and natural we will occasionally opt for a firmer filler in the lip like Allergan’s Ultra or Volift especially in younger people who have firmer lips or if a change in the shape of the lips is desired. The second brand of HA fillers we carry is the Prollenium brand which is a Canadian company and the filler is manufactured here in Ontario.  Prollenium fillers are very popular worldwide and are gaining rave reviews from plastic surgeons and aesthetic physicians everywhere.  Prollenium fillers are particularly natural to the human body and as such are very well tolerated and may be long lasting because the body may be slower to break them down.  Prollenium’s Kiss® brand filler was specifically developed for the lips and is smooth and natural appearing. It is slightly firmer than Volbella. In general, at ArtMed we feel less is more when it comes to lip filler.  A natural appearing result is extremely important and so we are usually recommending only 1/2 to 1 full syringe of filler depending on what the desired outcome is. If you’d like to see examples of ArtMed’s lip filler work please visit our Instagram feed. (artmedguelph/)If you’re interested in lip filler and you’d like more information don’t hesitate to call us and book a consultation.

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