Ask Dr. Peirson – How does Vitamin C help my skin?

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 How does Vitamin C help my skin?

The best analogy I’ve come up with is this: the sun is firing microscopic ‘bullets’ at your skin all day with a powerful UV ray gun. Many of these bullets bounce off, but many enter your skin and wreak havoc at a cellular level. Damaged cells fire off free radicals which harm neighbouring cells. All those damaged cells affect the dermal layer by creating pigmentation changes (brown and red spots), texture and tone changes, (early onset wrinkles) and in severe cases, sunburns and skin cancer.

Vitamin C and E act as magnets for those bullets, attracting and neutralizing them so they can no longer damage the skin. Peptides increase the protective layer of the skin; hydrated skin is critical to maintaining a strong barrier against free radical damage.

One of our best selling products is Vivier’s CE Peptides serum. A few drops of this pharmaceutical grade serum stimulates your collagen production, protects your skin from free radical damage, and boosts your skin’s moisture layer.

Try Vivier CE Peptides and give your skin a bullet proof vest!

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