Ask Dr. Peirson – What can you do to treat leg veins?

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 Is there treatment for my unsightly leg veins?

Yes there is! It’s called sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy is a simple procedure wherein medication is inserted into the unsightly leg veins through multiple small injections. The medication works by abrading the vein walls so they “stick” and eventually close, and as a result are no longer visible.

After each treatment, you will be required to wear compression socks or stockings for 3 days which help keep the veins compressed to aid healing. Compression wear has come a long way since our recollections of those flesh toned sagging socks our grandparents wore!

At ArtMed, we measure and special order your compression wear from a wide range of beautiful and funky socks, thigh highs and pantyhose. Many insurance companies cover the cost of compression wear when treatment is indicated. Treatments are done 2 weeks apart; typically at least 3 treatments are required. Now is a great time to do sclerotherapy!

More questions? Call us to book your free consult! 519-824-4567 or visit us at 381 Woolwich Street, Guelph.

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