Ask Dr. Peirson – Which treatments are better in the winter months?

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 Are there certain treatments that are better to do in the winter than the summer?

“Summer bodies are made in the winter.”  That is one of the phrases you will hear us say frequently at this time of year. Although most of our treatments can be done year-round, there is a preferred season for many of them – and that’s the winter months –  for different reasons.

Winter is super for sclerotherapy: unsightly leg veins typically require multiple treatments for full effect and wearing beautiful compression socks (also available at ArtMed) is required post treatment for the best results. Learn more about sclerotherapy here!

Winter is worry-free for BBL: BroadBandLight, which is one of our most requested services for the treatment of sun damage, age spots, redness and rosacea is ideally done during low sun times of the year. Limited sun exposure immediately post treatment is ideal since the skin is more light-sensitive for a brief time. Learn more about BBL here!

Winter is beneficial for Belkyra™: This non-surgical injectable treatment is tremendously effective for double chin reduction. There is typically some temporary swelling post treatment though, so scarf and turtleneck season is ideal! Learn more about Belkyra™ here!

Winter is excellent for Vanquish™: This abdominal fat reduction can be done over the course of 1 to 2 months and improvements will continue for up to 6 months. Start now for peak outcome in the summer months.

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