COVID-19 Blog Update (April 15th, 2021)

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As we enter into the third week of the lockdown and stay-at-home order in Ontario we thought it was time to briefly update readers about where we’re at.

ArtMed has chosen to close its aesthetic medicine division whilst the stay-at-home order is in place in order to support reducing COVID-19 cases in Ontario. The Government of Ontario has made it abundantly clear that they do not want Ontarians leaving their home unless it is for food, medical care, or if they work in an essential workplace.  ArtMed will do everything we can to support those aims.

The emergency stay-at-home order which was originally set for 4 weeks starting April 8, 2021 has now been extended to 6 weeks.  Presumably, after 6 weeks the government will advise the province what happens next. This will very much depend on the status of circulating COVID-19 in the community, the dominance and types of variants, and whether the hospital/ICU system in Ontario is coping. If infections are extensive and the hospital system is still under considerable stress the government may choose to extend the lockdown. We shall see. Much depends on the availability and roll out of vaccinations and vaccine uptake. If by mid-May the situation is improving it is likely Ontario will return to the Framework of colour-coded opening/closing rules.  As we have seen thus far, the restrictions are a bit of a moving target as the government grapples with the surge of new cases and the pressure on our health care system and workers.

At this time, ArtMed is continuing to provide treatment to our medical patients who are undergoing medically necessary treatments primarily on Tuesday and Thursdays. We are also continuing to provide parking lot pickup for products, and individuals can also purchase products through our new website both for pick up or to be shipped ( Keep an eye out for upcoming specials this month including our Vivier Day on Thursday April 22. We will bring back our Instagram lives again as well. Updates and events will be broadcast on all our media channels.

Once our region returns to the framework, ArtMed will return to offering services in all divisions according to the restrictions of each colour code. If we return to Red-zone, we will be able to offer all injectable treatments that can be done while wearing a mask. In Orange zone, we will provide all injectable treatments without restriction PLUS laser services with that can be done while wearing a mask. In the yellow zone we can offer unrestricted access to all injectable and laser services.  We will be actively monitoring local COVID-19 cases and the the vaccination numbers in our community and taking this information into account as well.  At ArtMed, our highest priority to the safety and well-being of our clients and staff.

While most of the ArtMed staff have had their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine, authorities have stated that individuals must continue to follow all public health recommendations and restrictions until receiving a second dose of vaccine, and possibly until herd immunity can be established in the broader community (70% of all individuals having received 2 doses of vaccine).

We’ll be adapting to COVID-19’s demands for some time yet!  Individuals from out of town are encouraged to stay within their jurisdictions and not travel to ArtMed while in lockdown and definitely not while under stay-at-home orders. We love our out-of-town clients but please do not attend the clinic unless it is for medically necessary appointments.  If you require products, please visit our online store and choose shipping for your products.  Once we return to the colour-coded framework we very much look forward to seeing you again!

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