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In the past Artmed has provided free consultations as part of the service we provided to new clients. However, we have decided that we will charge a fee for initial consultations moving forward.

So why are we moving from free consultations to fee consultations?

Clinical versus Sales

At ArtMed consultations are always provided by our clinical staff which means that the staff consulting are the same staff providing the treatments themselves. No one is better placed to understand a treatment than the provider. Pressured sales tactics are commonly seen at aesthetic clinics and medspas. ArtMed does not employ a “sales coordinator” or ”client specialist to provide consults and treatment options for patients. We feel that this sales approach to patient education and treatment planning is at odds with our mission and philosophy as a medical clinic and ethical business leader. We believe that a consultation should be a opportunity for diagnosis, treatment planning and education for you, not a sales pitch from us.

No OHIP Here

It’s also important to clarify that because aesthetic consults and procedures are elective uninsured medical services, OHIP does not provide payment to ArtMed’s regulated health professionals (doctors, nurses) even if we provide diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions or provide prescriptions.

Knowledge is Power

Our laser technicians are highly trained professionals with years of education and experience resulting in specialized certifications and qualifications. Our nurses and doctors are regulated health professionals operating under the auspices of their professional colleges. We provide continuing education opportunities for all of our staff so that we can provide the most up to date information and best practices for our clients. Consequently, our clinical team is best placed to provide the kind of in-depth consultation that determines which aesthetic treatments would most benefit which patient while respecting their goals and budget. The information gleaned in a consultation will not only benefit a client when they attend ArtMed for treatments, but also assist them in making more informed decisions when seeking care or purchasing other goods and services outside ArtMed. Information is power as they say, and ArtMed is well known for the quality and breadth of information provided during consultations.

Spending Money Will Save You Money

Spending money on consultation will also save you money. Why? A consultation at ArtMed opens the door to many valuable in-house perks. For example, many consultations include Visia Skin Analysis which can typically cost $50-$100 if purchased on its own at other clinics. The information obtained from Visia Skin Analysis can be invaluable in diagnosis and treatment planning and to track results after treatment. After consultation, clients can also opt-in to our 10% off pre-booking program for botox and xeomin and our multi-syringe discounts on filler. After consultation you also gain access to our referral program – if you refer a friend and they spend $200 or more at ArtMed you receive a $50 credit on your own account toward any service.

No More No-Shows Benefits Everyone

When consultations are free a new client may not yet understand the value of that consult until they attend the clinic. Because a free consult can seem of little value we’ve observed that new clients will sometimes no-show for those scheduled free consultation appointments. Since our clinical staff also provide treatment and are often booked weeks in advance a no-show appointment is a lost opportunity to schedule a patient who is awaiting treatment. COVID-19 requirements have also necessitated longer appointments to assure infection prevention and control measures, thus a no-show has a greater impact on our appointment schedule than ever before. We believe that a consultation fee will lead to reduced no-shows which benefits our existing loyal clients and respects our staff’s time and availability.


Our clients regularly refer their own family, friends, colleagues and clients to us. They nominate us for awards, ask us for references to other specialists and businesses, request we speak at events or support a charitable cause. Many have become our friends. The fact is that we deliver results and value for our clients. Our clients understand that practising medicine, nursing, laser technology and aesthetic dermatology is how we make our living, and support our families. They know that our time, energy and expertise have value and we believe it does as well.

What will it cost for a consult?

Consults with Dr. Peirson and Dr. Anderson will cost $100 and consults with the registered nurses or registered practical nurses and medical laser technicians will cost $75. There will be a few exceptional circumstances where the cost of the consultation will be rolled into the price of treatment.

  • new neurotoxin (Botox or Xeomin patients) where the consult and first treatment are the same day
  • experienced neurotoxin clients who are coming to ArtMed from another provider and seeking same day consult and treatment
  • laser hair removal clients who book their laser hair removal package the same day as consultation
  • BBL clients who book their BBL package the same day as consultation

And So…

Consults that are free or fee? Time is irreplaceable and a valuable commodity. Expertise is hard won and prized. At ArtMed, we believe moving to fee consultations is the professional, respectful and appropriate thing to do.

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