Feeling Like An Alligator? A Doctor’s Tips For Winter Skincare

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“Winter’s icy blast is upon us, and the harsh reality is this: winter is terrible for our skin. In winter, humidity levels drop dramatically both indoors and out. The water content of the epidermis (the outermost layer of skin) tends to reflect the level of humidity around it. Dry environment means dry skin. Tight, itchy, flakey, red or irritated skin? Cracked lips? Sensitivity? You may be especially prone to dry winter skin issues.

So what’s a Canadian to do? First some background.

The skin of the epidermis is like shingles on a roof. When the skin is in good repair, like a roof, the surface is smooth and flat.  But when the skin is excessively dry it behaves like shingles that are curling, lifting and coming away which allows moisture to escape from below.

Fats in the skin help to keep the epidermal skin cells connected smoothly to each other creating a soft, pliable, and waterproof surface. A waterproof epidermal barrier prevents dehydration of your skin overall…”

Continue reading Dr. Peirson’s article on GuelphToday.com here.

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