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Price Changes

​​As of January 1st, 2018, a small price adjustment to Botox will occur in order to maintain excellence at ArtMed. Even with this adjustment, our prices are still at, or below industry norms. It’s important to know that we ONLY use Botox because we believe it to be the most effective and predictable in action neuromodulator available. However, it is also the most expensive neuromodulator on the market. Our prices remain extremely competitive and our Loyalty Discount of $9.50/unit still allows you to keep your Botox cost below industry standard. It’s our guarantee to you that our patients will always receive the best product for their treatment at the best possible value.

How does the Loyalty Discount work?

After your initial Botox treatment at ArtMed, you will be asked if you would like to pre-book your next appointment, whether it be it in 3 months, 4 months or more. If you agree to allow us to pre-book your appointment you will win on two fronts! First, you will have a better likelihood of getting an appointment exactly when you want it, and you will save 10% on the price of your treatment! What’s not to love? If you need to change your appointment time or date later, as long as you reschedule it at the time of your call, and it’s at least 48 hours prior to your appointment, will you still qualify for your discount. If you cancel your appointment and do not rebook, or are late for your appointment and we must reschedule you, then you lose your loyalty discount. Ask Jane, Meghan or Gigi if you have any questions.

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