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Jane Watson PortraitSo. I bought a MediSpa.

And those that know me are saying, Whaaaaat the….??

Because although I have reinvented myself a few times in my life…ok, more than a few times, those that know me, and know me well, never saw it coming. Which is understandable, because not only did I not see it coming, I was so wrapped up in minutia of academia at the time, that it totally blindsided me.

And I love it.

I’ve been a student, a jewelry salesperson, a German cake café waitress, a lingerie salesperson, a camp counselor, a touring Shakespearean actor, a receptionist, a lab technician and truck fleet coordinator for a heat treating company, a summer theatre director and writer, an executive financial secretary on Bay Street for the likes of CIBC Wood Gundy, UBS, and Rothschild, a commercial actress, a theatre actress, an admin assistant for the Ontario Human Rights Commission, a mom, a substitute teacher at elementary and highschools, a mom again, a rental property manager, a mom again, a college instructor that migrated from Interior Design (how did that happen??) to Journalism (that was a stretch) to finally my penultimate  job as an instructor of writing in the Design and Media Communications School at a major College, and now…..

I now own a MediSpa.

(I need a long slow exhalation here….how do I write that out? C’mon my former students, you can tell me!)

Thanks God I bought it with my amazingly talented sister, Dr. Mary Peirson, who handles all things clinical. I know all our patients are in her most excellent hands, and that is a great comfort to me as I navigate the business side of the world of lasers, aesthetic treatments, cosmetics and skincare.

I think I know why she asked me. Because of my (as my husband would call it) obsessional organizational skills and general fearlessness of things unknown. And the fact that I love marketing, and design, project management, talking to people, and that I’m not afraid to ask the awkward question if it will helps me learn something new.

I want to express my gratitude to the amazing staff at Laser Esthetiques(Now ArtMed) who have stayed the course with me over the last few months as I struggled with the reins of new business ownership. They have been my rock! It was amazing to watch them unfazed through the whole transition, and the outstanding care that they took in our clients. And I want to thank Dr. Swarsha, for building up such an amazing business and presenting us with this amazing opportunity which is now, happily, my career.

My job, it seems to me, outside of business management (which is a behemoth in itself) is to make sure you know that they are here for you. And that they, along with my tremendously talented sister, are awesome at their jobs. And I count myself lucky to be working alongside each of them.

I hope to share with you in this blog the amazing things happening in the wider world of medical aesthetics, and the things happening closer to home.

Stay tuned. This is going to be one wonderfully wild ride.


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