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Jane Watson PortraitSo. It took a year. And a bit.

To gain a fuller understanding of the inner workings of a family business.

To appreciate the intricacies of flawless bookkeeping (I’ll be honest here, a shout out goes to Adrianna without whom I’d be immersed in a haystack of receipts.)

To grasp the subtle science of skin management through hours and hours of training and seminars.

To experience first-hand most of the treatments we offer so I can speak about them from a place of personal understanding.

To ask the 10,000 questions I needed to ask to feel confident I had complete answers.

To talk to hundreds of clients and gain an appreciation for every single one of them.

To write my second blog. (!)

To develop, alongside my splendid staff, the road-map to our future as a business.

It didn’t take a year, however, to realize that the name we adopted last spring, Laser Esthetiques and Guelph Vein Clinic, just would not do. We felt the need to establish a new identity, one that encapsulates more fully who we are. A name that is simple, creative, honest and elegant. And after much research and deliberation, Mary and I landed on it.

ArtMed: The Art of Cosmetic Medicine.

It was inspired by our own clients, who often exclaimed as they came from their consultations, “She (Dr. Peirson) made me feel special – the way she looked at me made me feel like fine art.” And indeed, as I can say from personal experience, Mary is an artist and her tools are the services she provides. Marlise and Christine are artists with light (BBL) and lasers. Stephanie raises Sclerotherapy to a creative level, and Twylla has a gift to make everyone, I mean everyone (new clients, long term clients, the delivery people, the mail person) feel welcome when they cross our threshold, while managing a busy medical office.

My immediate family has always been full of artists (painters, actors), medical professionals (MDs, Radiation Therapists) and entrepreneurs (my parents each had family businesses).

And now my business is full of artists and entrepreneurs too.

More again soon!


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