Seeing is believing! Safe & effective treatments for dark circles and eye wrinkles

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“Do you feel like your eyes are prematurely aging you? Dark under-eye circles? Hollow and looking tired all the time? Wrinkles and crepiness?

These are among the most common complaints and inquiries received at a medical aesthetics clinic.  Dark circles and hollows are frustrating because they tend to suggest an individual is tired, sad, recovering from illness or a night out on the town.

Why does the eye area prematurely age?

  • skin under the eyes is much thinner than facial skin
  • skin under the eyes lacks oil glands
  • skin under the eyes has very little fat
  • skin lies over a boney hollow (the orbit of the eye) so there is very little support from beneath
  • aging and sun damage accelerate thinning and loss of collagen, elastin and fibrin

There are a number of ways to address under eye concerns, but no single cream or treatment is a cure all.  Nonetheless, some treatments are more effective, safer and long lasting than others…”

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