Stacking Aesthetic Treatments

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Why doubling and tripling saves money and can improve results!

The world of aesthetic medicine is ever changing with new treatments, new technology and breakthrough advancements occurring on a regular basis.  For the consumer, it can sometimes be a challenge to determine which treatment to consider from a menu with a dizzying array of options.

One way to test the waters while respecting one’s budget and assuring great results is to consider ‘stacked’ treatments.  

In aesthetics, individual treatments offer specific benefits.  For example, a broad band light treatment will address redness and brown spots in skin.  A micro-laser peel will address skin texture.  Botox will relax muscles to decrease wrinkling.  Dermal fillers will plump up the skin by restoring volume and hydrating the skin.

Some types of treatments lend themselves to being safely ‘stacked’.

Stacking involves undertaking several different types of treatments back-to-back in the same treatment session. 

For example, it is common to combine an intense pulse light procedure such as BBL (to decrease redness and brown spots) with a fractionated laser to improve skin texture (fine lines and pores).  The BBL would be administered first and the fractionated laser immediately after.

By doing the two treatments together you save time, so it is common for clinics to provide a discounted price for the combination versus two separate appointments.

This is not unlike visiting a salon and having a hair colour and cut in the same visit.  While you can go to a colourist and to a stylist separately, combining the treatment leads to optimal results and best value while also saving you time.

There are yet more benefits to stacking treatments…

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