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In our latest & spotlight article, Dr. Peirson shines the light on the dos and don’ts for summer skincare. We address everything from what procedures are and aren’t safe to do in the summer months to the ideal pharmaceutical skincare products to use during the sunniest time of the year. 

When days turn long and warm, and we shift to shorts and swimsuits, we often take stock of how we’re looking. Winter weight?  Time to get out for those walks, onto a bicycle or into the gym. Ditch the heavy meals and bring on the Mediterranean al fresco diet.

The same concerns often apply to our skin.  Replacing dry, dull, pallid winter skin with a sun-kissed, dewy complexion is often a summertime goal.  But how to achieve that?  Especially in the summer when UV rays can cause so much damage to skin, and treatments like laser can be a no-go when tanned…

Like anything, knowing what is safest and most effective to reach your aesthetic summertime goals is all about educating yourself.  This little summertime skin boosting primer will point you in the right direction.

First, is laser safe in the summer?  Yes and no. There are many different types of lasers that work in different ways.  Some are safe in the summer, some are not…

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For more information on protecting and improving your skin, we recommend coming in to speak with our skin experts. To book a consultation online click here or email For details about our summer laser and facial procedure specials click here.

Attending a medical aesthetics clinic with a high level of clinical expertise and a broad range of treatment options will ensure you’re able undertake treatments safely in the summer.  By being knowledgeable and choosing carefully, you can be your glowing best during these precious summer days!

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  • Sue

    I had breast cancer. I had chemo, surgery, radiation. On hormone blocking medication. Just had DIEP reconstruction surgery.
    My skin is aging quickly do to my age 58, medication and life.
    Is there something safe that I can do. I’m especially noticing deep frown lines that weren’t there 2 years ago. I don’t want to loose myself and appearance.

    • Dr. Mary Peirson

      There are many treatments that are safe for patients who are in recovery from breast cancer. We would generally avoid heat-based therapies (such as laser) for 6 months following radiation treatments but most other options are available to you and there are many. If frown lines are a principle concern, then Botox or Xeomin treatment is definitely indicated and is safe to use in your situation. Microneedling plus PRP is a great option for those in recovery (although having a European facial to start can be a nice self-care treatment that hydrates the skin +++ and improves circulation). Our facialist is particularly trained in management of oncology patients. At home pharmaceutical grade skin care can really go a long way to boosting and maintaining the effect of in-clinic treatments. A general consultation with our nurses/medical aestheticians is recommended to start but you can book a European facial anytime without consultation.

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