The Story of Lasers at ArtMed

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The Story of Lasers at ArtMed

Clinics often post that they have the best technology when it comes to their lasers.  But why do clinics choose the lasers they do?  Ever wondered?

This is the story of why we have the lasers we do at ArtMed.

In 2014 ArtMed was born.  When we opened, we inherited 3 lasers from a previous clinic.  We received a Sciton Profile, a Fraxel Dual and a Clear & Brilliant.  We also took on a Thermage but that’s not a laser (it’s radiofrequency).

Our Sciton was the jewel in the crown.  Sciton is considered the industry leader, one of the best makers of lasers in the world.  Our Sciton had an ablative (skin vapourizing) Yag laser and BBL (BBL is not laser but Xenon broad band light technology).  Our Fraxel Dual was a dual wavelength fractioned laser that was non-ablative (heating a fraction of tissue – no vapourization).  And the Clear & Brilliant was a lightweight non-ablative laser.  Between these 3 lasers we could do treatment for pigmentation, redness, wrinkles, texture issues, scars etc.  We could do serious single treatment ablative resurfacing with the Sciton Yag MLP (MicroLaserPeel) and less aggressive multi-treatment resurfacing with the Fraxel, and very light weight resurfacing with Clear & Brilliant.

But we sold our Fraxel Dual after a couple years.


Because Halo came onto the market.  Halo is a combination ablative and non-ablative laser – the first of its kind.  The best of both worlds.  Great results with fewer treatments and less downtime.  Halo is found on new Sciton lasers like our Sciton Joule which we acquired new in 2018.  Now we have two Scitons with a very broad range of treatment modalities – something for everyone.

Scitons can be effective lasers for 20+ years if they’re properly maintained (annual maintenance from Sciton technicians is critical).  They are never old technology – they are the best technology.  They are often referred to as the ‘work horse’ of the laser aesthetics world.  They are powerful lasers that should be operated by highly trained and skilled medical laser technicians or appropriately trained physicians and nurses.  At ArtMed, we think the operator is just as important as the laser itself so we’re sticklers about training and continuing education for all our laser staff.

Our Clear & Brilliant is also great technology.  But it’s meant for lighter work – it can never replace what Halo or Yag MLP can do. It’s not designed to target pigment or redness specifically – this is where BBL is better.

In 2020 we purchased a new technology available with Clear & Brilliant – the Permea.  This add-on to the C&B platform allows us to treat particularly tricky pigmentation issues like melasma, improve tone and texture and increase skin permeability so that pharmaceutically active topicals can more deeply penetrate the skin.

Is there anything newer and better?  We don’t think so.  Some clinics offer Radiofrequency microneedling such as Fractora (we offer radiofrequency with Thermage and microneedling separately with Dermapen).  Combination RF/microneedling can be useful, but we’re not convinced it’s a particular improvement – and there are risks of hyperpigmentation in some skin types, multiple treatments are needed and it can be quite painful for patients.

At ArtMed, we’re continuously on the look out for the very best technology the industry has to offer.  Innovation can happen at any time, and we keep our eyes on the playing field at all times.  Our most recent innovation acquisition is the High Frequency Electromagnetic Emsella chair for treating incontinence and pelvic health.  This truly new technology is the kind of thing we’re always on the look out for.

At present, we feel we have the bases covered and the best technology.  Improvements in RF technology for skin tightening is something we hope to see in Canada.  There is some new technology out there in the world but nothing that is Health Canada approved as yet.  But if something great makes it to the market in Canada we’ll be the first to let you know!

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