Ask Dr. Peirson – What should I look for when choosing a clinic offering PRP for hair loss?

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PRP (platelet rich plasma) for treating hair thinning is becoming an increasingly popular and widely available option.  Many clinics offer PRP treatments, and protocols for treatment vary as does cost. So, what should a person look for when it comes to PRP treatment to assure the best possible result?

Years of scientific research have been analyzed and the medical community has established optimal standards and procedures with respect to PRP in the last year.

This is what you should look for when assessing a clinic offering PRP for hair loss:

1)      PRP requires blood draw and blood handling so be sure that the clinic you visit follows all public health standards with respect to handling of blood products.  Do they have a dedicated clean room? Do they follow infectious disease prevention standards? Do they have protocols in place for management of blood spills and needle stick injuries?  In such a clinic a lot of blood is being processed so you want to be sure the clinic is following all standards in this regard.

2)      PRP blood draw and treatment MUST be administered by a fully certified nurse or doctor. Unqualified staff must not handle blood products.

3)      The amount of blood drawn should be a minimum of 20ml in order to produce sufficient PRP. After processing, a resulting volume of 6ml of pure PRP with a 5X concentration of platelets should be injected in order to achieve effective and optimal results. The clinic should have a PRP system which will achieve that standard.

4)      Anaesthesia is not required but is recommended according to the latest studies.

5)      Treatments should be done 3-4 weeks apart.  Three or 4 treatments are recommended initially depending on response.  Repeat treatment in 9-12 months is recommended thereafter to maintain results.

So why have your PRP for hair thinning treatment at ArtMed?

ArtMed is a state-of-the-art medical aesthetics clinic which is physician-owned and operated.  We follow all public health standards and are meticulous with respect to the handling of blood products.  We employ the Eclipse system for PRP which guarantees a 5X concentration of PRP and consistently produces 6ml of PRP from a 22ml blood draw.

All staff drawing blood and administering PRP have been trained by Salient trainers (the makers of the Eclipse system).  We believe that the safety of our clients is paramount.  Consequently, at ArtMed we meticulously consider infection control measures and antisepsis prior and during treatment.

Comfort during treatment is also extremely important to us. We offer complementary ProNox (nitrous oxide also known as laughing gas) as optional analgesia during treatment. With ProNox patients are safe to drive themselves within 10-15 minutes after their treatment. Cooling can also add additional comfort during injections particularly for men and so clients also have access to our blower/chiller during treatment.

We are confident that ArtMed offers a premier PRP service while remaining competitively priced. Whether you are a man or woman with thinning hair, if you are considering PRP be assured that ArtMed has done the research for you so you can be confident you will receive the most effective treatment possible.  Call us to schedule a complimentary consult.

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