What is a chemical peel? 

Customized, medical-grade chemical peels employ pharmaceutical grade acids to exfoliate the epidermis thereby removing dead, dry skin cells to reveal softer, younger skin below.  Peels also unclog pores (thereby improving acne) , shrink pore size, improve congested skin, acne and blemishes, and irregular pigmentation.  Repeated peels can also stimulate collagen production and improve fine lines. 

ArtMed offers a variety of pharmaceutical grade peels. Your medical aesthetician will recommend a peel based on your skin type and issues.  Peels are generally quite gentle (flaking is common with chemical peels and genuine peeling with deeper treatments like Dermamelan®  which is recommended for treatment of melasma.  After most chemical peels you can return to work and regular activities immediately. We suggest an initial series of 3-4 peels (one every 2-4 weeks), and maintenance peels every 3-6 months. Your skin will be clearer, smoother and brighter after your first treatment. Chemical peels are professional skin maintenance at its finest. 

What is the procedure for a chemical peel? 

In a simple 30-to-60-minute appointment the skin is cleansed and prepped to receive an application of peel solution by one of our medical aestheticians. After a certain amount of time the acids in the peel are neutralized with a buffer. Once neutralized, the skin is cooled and protected with sunblock. Patients can easily return to regular activities. 

In the 5 to 7 days before treatment, patients must discontinue all forms of topical vitamin A (retinol) and other abrasive treatment agents or any products containing alpha or beta hydroxy acids. 

Pre & Post Chemical Peel Information: pre-and-post-chemical-peel

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