What is Clear & Brilliant Permea®? 

Clear & Brilliant Permea® is just like Clear & Brilliant Classic except that it employs a unique 1440nm non-ablative laser to provide a gentle exfoliation that reaches deep into the dermis to remove stubborn pigmentation. Perméa® also improves the permeability of the skin (hence its name) which optimizes the penetration and performance of pharmaceutical grade skin care products.  This gentle anti-aging laser treatment has virtually no down-time, is affordable and is an ideal option for any woman seeking glowing skin and a more even complexion. For melasma, a series of 4 to 6 treatments done once per month is recommended. 

Perméa® (along with HALO™) is one of the few lasers that can safely and effectively treat melasma which is a very common hormone-mediated hyperpigmentation condition in women. 

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