Stress and urge incontinence can have an outsized impact on your busy, active lifestyle. Who wants to have to be conscious of their bladder every time they laugh, cough, jump, run or sneeze? Are you waking up multiple times a night to urinate or racing to the washroom because your bladder has given you no warning? 

At ArtMed we believe age-related issues such as stress or urge incontinence don’t need to be taken sitting down. But they can they can be fought sitting down. How? 

The BTL Emsella chair is an electromagnetic device that stimulates contraction of pelvic floor muscles. This improves the tone and tightness of the pelvic floor which leads to improved bladder control. Emsella is Health Canada approved treatment for treatment of stress and urge incontinence, is non-invasive and painless! Get Uro-Fit with Emsella and get your confidence and continence back on track. 

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