Melasma & Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is a common, usually harmless condition in which patches of skin are darker than the surrounding skin (brown spots, dark patches, excess freckling, persistent red/brown in an area of injury).   

There are many causes including excess sun exposure, injury/skin conditions or hormonal stimulation.  The most important first step in treating hyperpigmentation is a thorough consultation including a Canfield Visia Photoanalysis to determine the cause of the pigmentation issue.   

Treatment can include lasers, medical grade peels, microneedling and/or topical pharmaceutical skin care.  It is a tricky condition to treat and many aesthetic treatments can potentially make it worse especially in darket skin types.  Therefore it is critical that you see experts before treating your pigment. 

Melasma can be particularly difficult to treat.  This pigmentation disorder is very much influenced by hormones and sufferers may find they have dark patches above the lip, on the cheek or forehead.  ArtMed offers many specific and proven treatments for this condition including Dermamelan, Permea laser and active topical formulations containing hydroquinone or tranexamic acid. 

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