Skin Texture & Tone

“I wish I hadn’t taken such good care of my skin,” said no one ever… 

Two dominant forces effect aging in our skin – solar radiation and time. 

The sun’s radiation is responsible for 80% of visible aging.  Whether it’s thinning of the skin, pigmentation or redness, textural change and sagging – blame the sun.  Time is the other challenger, our skin cell turnover rate decreases as we age and older skin cells create less collagen, less fibrin and less elastin. Skin texture and tone suffers, luminosity and hydration (plumpness) are sacrificed. 

Our sophisticated lineup of treatments and technologies will help reverse damage caused by solar radiation to effect visible improvement in skin quality.  Regular pro-active care will leave your skin looking and behaving younger.  At ArtMed our aim to help you achieve skin that is so healthy it glows!  

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