Your pelvic floor health should be entrusted to medical experts.  ArtMed is a physician owned and operated clinic staffed by medical professionals – nurses, laser technicians and physicians.  We believe strongly in medical oversight.  Dr. Peirson has over 20 years experience caring for men and women with pelvic, sexual and reproductive health concerns.   This is why we feel qualified and excited to offer Emsella.

Do you leak urine when you cough, sneeze, laugh, jump or exercise?  This is stress incontinence and Emsella treats that!

Do you leak urine when you cough, sneeze, laugh, jump or exercise?  This is stress incontinence and Emsella treats that! 

Do you find you have urgent need to go to the bathroom and you leak urine before getting there? Do you wake up at night to urinate?  This is urge incontinence and Emsella treats that! 

You get both kinds?  This is mixed incontinence and Emsella treats that! 

Emsella does not treat incontinence caused by non-relaxing pelvic floor muscle dysfunction. If you’re interested in Emsella contact ArtMed and we will provide you with a screening questionnaire to determine if you are a good candidate for Emsella. 

Metal implants are the main contraindication. You cannot use Emsella if you have a cardiac pacemaker, implanted defibrillator, implanted neurostimulator, electronic implant, metal implants such as artificial titanium joints, copper IUD or drug pump. Other contraindications include hemorrhagic conditions, anticoagulation therapy, heart disorders, cancer or recent surgical procedures (muscle contraction may disrupt healing in the treatment area). Pregnant or nursing women cannot undergo the EMSella treatment.

Yes!! But the kegels you’re able to do with Emsella are ‘supramaximal’ or in other words much stronger and more effective than you can do yourself.  Plus the number of kegels you can do in a 28 minute session of Emsella would take you 70 hours to do on your own.  This is why Emsella is often referred to as the ‘kegel throne’.

The pelvic floor muscles have 5 functions and by strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor everyone of these functions is improved.

Organ support – the pelvic floor muscles support the bladder, uterus, rectum and important abdominal organs against gravity and any downward pressure. When the pelvic floor becomes lax it stretches and thins and support for the bladder and reproductive organs lessens, allowing them to tilt backward and drop lower. Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles helps improve organ support and return organs to better positions to prevent incontinence and prolapse.

Stability – the pelvic floor helps stabilize our pelvis and lower back.  Muscles attach from the pubic bone to the spine and criss cross the pelvic bones to create a web of strength and stability.  Strengthening these muscles improves core strength.

Sphincteric function- muscles of the pelvic floor help to control both the opening to the urethra, where urine comes out, and the rectum, where feces and/or gas comes out.  The pelvic floor muscles prevent leakage of urine, feces and gas. Strengthening of the muscles leads to improved urine, fecal and gas continence.

Sexual Function – The pelvic floor plays a role in orgasm and helps achieve and maintain erection for men. Improved pelvic floor – improved sexual functioning.

Circulation – The  pelvic floor muscles act as a sump pump to help pump blood back up towards the heart. This leads to improved circulation in the pelvis and better cardiac return.

A series of six Ur-Fit with Emsella treatments costs $2000.  All six appointments must be scheduled at the time of purchase.

No it does not hurt.  You will experience the feeling of all your pelvic floor muscles contracting and maybe some tingling. There is no down time and you can resume normal activities immediately after treatment.

Your Ur-Fit with Emsella treatment cycle will require 6 appointments over 3 weeks or 6 weeks depending on your medical history.  You should allow at least 3 days between appointments to give your pelvic floor muscles a chance to rest in between treatments. Your appointments will be about 40 minutes, and time spent on the Emsella chair itself is exactly 28 minutes. 

You can read, chat with a friend or simply relax while being treated (no cell phone use while in treatment!). We also have Netflix available to watch in the room. The best thing to do is relax! The mind body connection is important to being mindfully present during treatments may be beneficial. The treatment cycle is variable with periods of more intense pelvic floor contracting and periods of less throughout the 28-minute cycleFor your first treatment a nurse or laser technician will stay with you for the entire 28 minutes. For subsequent treatments your nurse or technician will set you up and then allow you to go through the treatment cycle on your own. A pager will be provided if you need assistance at any time. 

Emsella is made by BTL a well-known and well-respected European manufacturer of medical equipmentEmsella is Health Canada and FDA approvedIn research studies the one noted side effect was improved sexual function. Not all side effects are bad! Very rarely a patient may notice muscular pain, temporary muscle spasm, temporary joint or tendon pain, local erythema or skin redness after treatment. 

Optimal results are typically seen 2 weeks after your final session. For a few patients with more severe symptoms additional sessions may provide further improvement.

While any medical treatment will have results that vary from person to person depending on the severity of their symptoms and their unique physiology, with Emsella clinical studies found that 95% of study participants reported a significant quality of life improvement and 2/3 of patients totally eliminated or very significantly reduced the use of urinary incontinence pads/diapers.

Yes, it is recommended to do a single maintenance treatment a couple times a year. Frequency of maintenance sessions may vary from person to person.  You will get to know what’s ideal for you.

Emsella is programmed to take you through a pelvic floor workout program that involves periods of active muscle contraction and periods of facilitated rest (where lactic acid from muscle use is cleared away).  You cannot overexercise your pelvic floor muscles – can your abdominal muscles get too strong from doing sit-ups?

OHIP does not cover Emsella.  However, some private Health Spending Accounts will cover it – check with your Insurer.  If you don’t have an HSA save your receipts – you may be able to claim treatment for incontinence as a medical expense on your tax return.

No! You can wear your street clothes during treatment.  We recommend wearing loose, comfortable clothing.

Men can also suffer from incontinence and pelvic floor weakness. Pelvic surgeries such as prostatectomy, or bladder surgery in particular can cause incontinence or erectile dysfunction. Incontinence in men typically presents as a small amount of dribbling during workouts or at the end of the day. A career involving heavy lifting, chronic cough and obesity can put pressure on the bladder and lead to stress incontinence. Ur-Fit with Emsella is useful is helpful for all these situations.  Emsella is less likely to be successful if incontinence follows pelvic radiation treatment for cancer. 

Some men suffer from urge incontience – a need to urinate frequently or dribbling when the bladder is full and Emsella can help improve symptoms. Treatment will Emsella can lead to increased sensitivity during sexual intercourse and possibly offer relief from erectile dysfunction. 

You can undertake Emsella treatments after delivery as soon as your physician or midwife has cleared you to return to exercise and sexual intercourse.  However, if you are still nursing you must wait until your infant is weaned to begin Emsella treatment.  You cannot undertake Emsella treatments during the heavy days of your period as this could lead to increased bleeding and cramping.

‘Em’ stands for electromagnetic and ‘stella’ means chair in Latin.

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