The Urogenital area of the body includes the bladder, reproductive organs and the bones, connective tissue and muscles of the pelvic floor that supports them. Pelvic floor muscles support organs within the pelvis and lower abdomen, maintain continence, allow for bladder and bowel emptying, and contribute to sexual arousal and orgasmic function. 

The pelvic floor muscles are firm and strong in youth but can become lax and weak due to age, gravity, life events like childbirth, prostate surgery, menopause, a career of heavy lifting and andropause. When the pelvic floor becomes lax it stretches and thins and support for the bladder and reproductive organs lessens, allowing them to tilt backward and drop lower. When the bladder tilts back and drops it becomes much easier for urine to escape with jumping, coughing and laughing or if the bladder is full. It leads to stress and urge incontinence. 

Emsella by BTL is a revolutionary technology that uses high frequency electromagnetic energy (HIFEM technology) to induce pelvic floor contractions. Stronger pelvic floor muscles lead to tightening of the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor becomes fit. A fit pelvic floor provides stronger support to the pelvic organs including the bladder and can help tilt the bladder forward greatly improving continence. With Emsella you’ll have over 11,000 Kegel-type muscle contractions in a single 28-minute treatment session. 

But there’s a bonus! Because the urogenital area includes your reproductive organs, strengthening of the of the pelvic floor frequently improves sexual function and satisfaction too. 

Best yet? This treatment is completely non-invasive, painless and is delivered while fully clothed sitting on the Emsella chair. Ideal for both women and men. Side effects are exceedingly rare and you can resume normal activities immediately. Treatment involves six 1/2 hour sessions (2 per week for 3 weeks or weekly for 6 weeks depending on medical history). Maintenance is just a couple 30-minute sessions a year. So easy! 

ArtMed’s mission is to provide industry-leading non-invasive options to treat the signs and symptoms of aging. We are thrilled to be the one of the first clinics in Ontario to offer Emsella and the only clinic in the Tri-City/Hamilton region. 

Call us! And get Ur-Fit with Emsella at ArtMed. 

Emsella PDF Brochure: emsellabrochure

Conditions it treats

  • Incontinence
  • Urogenital Health

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