Moles, skin tags, small cysts, syringomas, milia and other skin irregularities can be annoying and unsightly.  At ArtMed, removal of benign lesions can be achieved through a variety of treatment options including excision, liquid nitrogen, electrocautery and laser or a combination of modalities to achieve the best possible aesthetic result.

If you have a lesion(s) you’d like removed please contact our clinic.  We request that you send us a clear, high-resolution photograph of the skin lesion(s) in question prior to scheduling an appointment.  We require one photo from the top and one from the side so we can ascertain whether the lesion is raised or flat.  From the photos provided we can determine whether the lesion is amenable to removal and by what modality.  If removal is possible, we will provide a price quote for the cosmetic removal of the lesion(s).  Please note that removal of any lesion for cosmetic reasons is NOT covered by OHIP.

On the day of your appointment, our doctor will again assess the lesion(s) to confirm the treatment plan.  Although uncommon, the advice about whether we can remove the mole may change once we see you in person.

Please Note: If you have any concerns about skin cancer, or if the lesion has recently changed (growing, changing colour, itchy, bleeds, irregular shape), you may wish to see your family physician as removal of abnormal lesions may be covered under OHIP.  ArtMed does not remove lesions that clearly require biopsy.

However, if you are looking for the most aesthetically pleasing result and are unsure if the lesion is concerning, you can alternatively book yourself an appointment at the Skin Cancer Screening Clinic here in Guelph.  For a modest fee, Dr. McPhee can evaluate a single lesion, or a few to determine whether a biopsy is necessary (and can perform that biopsy under OHIP if indicated).  If there is no concern, you can then book your cosmetic removal at ArtMed.

If you are subject to the formation of keloid scars with skin injuries, bites, or surgical scars we suggest you consult a plastic surgeon for removal of any skin lesionsArtMed does not remove lesions in individuals prone to keloid formation. 

Skin Cancer Screening Clinic PDF: skin-cancer-screening-clinic-flyer

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