Pain Relief

Your comfort matters to us!

At ArtMed we offer a wide range of injectable and laser services. We understand that these treatments can sometimes be painful or difficult to tolerate. In order to ensure the most comfortable treatments possible we offer the following:

Topical numbing –

Prior to interventional laser treatments, microneedling and dermal filler injection we numb the skin with topical cream or ointment numbing agents. These custom-compounded prescription numbing agents are only available by prescription to physicians. 

Injectable numbing –

For removal of moles and skin tags, or localized deep laser resurfacing we use injectable prescription anesthetic. 

ProNox –

ArtMed also offers inhaled Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas). This service is complementary for patients undertaking invasive laser treatments such as Halo or Profrac, and for RF treatments like Thermage. It can also be made available for use in other services for a small charge. With Pronox, you are safe to drive within 10 minutes after use. 

Distraction Options –

At ArtMed we provide vibrational tools, cold packs, squeeze balls, video screens and other forms of distraction to help take your mind off your treatment. Distraction is medically proven to reduce the brain’s perception of pain.

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