ArtMed offers a curated selection of pharmaceutical grade skin care options. After a great deal of evaluation and research we decided to offer three leading brands. Dr. Peirson thoroughly researches and vets ArtMed’s skin care lines to ensure we provide the very best in the market with strong research and development behind it.   

Home care is incredibly important for maintaining gains made through the use of lasers and injectables as well as mitigating the effects of solar radiation and time (aging).  Adding pharmaceutical level skin care to your aesthetic treatment plan optimizes skin condition and reduces the frequency of interventional care. In clinic we treat, at home you maintain and prevent. 

Why should I use pharmaceutical/medical grade skin care? 

Pharmaceutical grade skin care is formulated with highly effective proprietary and patented agents typically not found in over-the-counter products.  Medical grade skin care products have much higher levels of active ingredients which is why a consultation with a trained and qualified provider is essential.  Commonly, these brands are also formulated with proprietary delivery systems to ensure deep delivery of active ingredients greatly enhancing clinical results. While more expensive than OTC skin care lines, pharmaceutical grade skin care is dramatically more effective, more concentrated (a little goes a long way) and designed to work synergistically to optimize results.   

ArtMed strives to provide skin care brands manufactured in Canada or the US because we know these manufacturers meet regulatory standards and products have obtained Health Canada approval. We also prefer products made in Canada or the US so we can be assured of proper transport, storage, and short time frames from production to delivery to clients. Like drugs, active skincare pharmaceuticals are highly sensitive to transport and storage conditions; it is critical that products are delivered to clients at the peak of effectiveness. ArtMed aims to provide products free of additives, preservatives, fillers, dyes, parabens or perfumes, and products that are not tested on animals. Environmentally friendly packaging and recycling wherever possible is a priority. 

All our products are available in clinic and online through our webstore  Online purchases can be picked up in clinic or shipped via post.  

Our Skin Care Brands: 

VivierSkin is a leading pharmaceutical skin care company with offices in Montreal, Canada and Champlain, New York. Lead by Jess Vivier, founder and CEO with over 30 years of experience in ethical and cosmetic pharmaceuticals, Vivier is an innovative pharmaceutical company committed to providing superior skincare solutions that change people’s lives by delivering results. Unlike most skincare companies, Vivier is a pharmaceutical company (not a cosmetic company) therefore all its products fall under the rules and regulations governing pharmaceutical products which are much more stringent in terms of proven efficacy and safety.  All Vivier products are manufactured in Quebec. 

AlumierMD is one of Canada’s newest professionally dispensed medical-grade skincare brands.  AlumierMD products are free from parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, petrolatum, artificial colors and chemical sunscreen filters.  All products are cruelty-free and are manufactured here in Ontario from globally sourced ingredients.  Packaging is environmentally friendly and recyclable.  Most importantly, AlumierMD is science-based; their products are optimized for bioavailability and are formulated with medical grade concentrations of active ingredients. AlumierMD is available exclusively in specialty clinics. AlumierMD is a clean science leader and believes that science, high quality ingredients, professional evaluation and treatment planning leads to the best possible results for your skin. 

In January 2021, ArtMed was one of the first clinics in Canada to introduce Alastin Skincare.  Alastin Skincare brings the highest levels of pharmaceutical science and innovation to the skincare industry while creating a new category of products designed to complement aesthetic procedures and maintain overall skin health.  Alastin products are formulated with their patented TriHex Technology to support the skin’s ability to clear out damaged collagen and elastin (caused by aging and the environment) and replenish it with new healthy collagen and elastin.  Plastic surgeons and dermatologists have been raving about the benefits of Alastin and especially its use pre and post cosmetic procedures and how it can amplify results and reduce downtime post-procedure and speed healing.  Alastin is a science first brand that is cruelty-free, paraben-free and the fastest growing pharmaceutical grade skincare line in North America for 5 years running. Alastin is manufactured in the US. 

All of our skincare products can now be found on ArtMed’s online shop. Visit!

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