Aura Collagen

A recent review and analysis of multiple high quality research studies published in the Journal of Drugs and Dermatology has confirmed that collagen supplementation has a beneficial effect on hair, skin, nails and joints. Our own natural collagen production starts to decline by age 25 so supplementation has been shown to help offset that loss. 

Marine collagen is widely considered the best source and is the most bioavailable (absorbable). Source high quality, wild-caught marine collagen that is hydrolyzed and combined with Vitamin C to boost absorption and activation. Liquid elixirs are easiest to take. 

After considerable research into collagen options ArtMed decided to offer Aura brand collagen elixir which is sustainably sourced from wild-caught Canadian fish and is produced here in Canada. This highly bioavailable elixir is formulated with Vitamin C to boost absorption. When used regularly for 5-6 months noticeable improvements in skin, hair, nails and joints can be expected. Aura also supports gut health. 

Aura elixirs come in 3 flavours and can be enjoyed in water, coconut water, almond or oat milk, smoothies, coffee or tea. The usual dose is 2 teaspoons per day but by increasing your dose to twice daily you can accelerate results. 

These easy-to-use elixirs come in an eco-friendly recyclable glass bottle and are shelf stable. 

Flavoured with Canadian organic liquid-extracts, Aura comes in three subtle, exotic-fruit inspired flavours. 

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