Squigle enamel saver toothpaste

Why would an aesthetics clinic carry toothpaste? Because toothpaste can be a real problem for your skin. Nearly all commercial toothpastes (including ‘natural’ ones) contain SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) and other irritating ingredients. We have found that many individuals who present with perioral dermatitis are having sensitivity reactions to SLS. Eliminate SLS and the rash goes away.  

Squigle is SLS free and free from harsh abrasives, stinging flavours, irritating tartar control agents and bleaches. Squigle also contains 36% natural xylitol (far more than any other toothpaste in the world) which profoundly inhibits the growth of plaque. 

Squigle is also an excellent option if you are prone to canker sores, gum disease, chapped lips or dry mouth. Clinically proven to help prevent bleeding gums and periodontal disease. Formulated with silica to help clean off stains on teeth.

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