What is SkinTyte®? 

SkinTyte® a Sciton laser technology, designed to tighten and firm skin without downtime. The most common treatment zone for this procedure is the neck. SkinTyte®  is safe for all skin types.

How does SkinTyte® work? 

The Sciton SkinTyte®  system delivers infrared light deep into the dermis. When skin is heated to about 42 degrees centigrade it causes collagen and elastic fibers in the skin to shrink and tighten (similar to shrinking a wool sweater in the dryer). It also stimulates new collagen production leading to firmer skin and improved elasticity in sagging skin. The powerful cooling system maintains the outer surface of the skin at cool temperatures before, during, and after each pulse — making the treatment safe and comfortable with no downtime. 

SkinTyte Brochure: skintyte-brochure

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