What is BOTOX Therapeutic® used for?

BOTOX® Therapeutic is now approved as an alternative treatment for migraine headaches and hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). Following a consultation and treatment by a medical expert at ArtMed, patients can expect relief from migraine headaches and excessive sweating.

How does BOTOX Therapeutic® work?

BOTOX® Therapeutic treats migraine headaches by temporarily relaxing motor (muscle) nerves around common migraine centres. Results realize gradually over seven to 14 days.

For excessive sweating, the treatment involves injections of BOTOX® with very fine needles in the area. The BOTOX Therapeutic® injections work by blocking the chemical signal from the nerve to the sweat gland, stopping that area from sweating.

After the injections, a topical numbing cream is applied to the area and the doctor and nurse will discuss your options to properly manage any discomfort from the treatment. There will be no post-treatment discomfort, and results are noticeable in one to two weeks.

Botox for migraine PDF brochure: botox-for-migraine-brochure

Hyperhidrosis PDF brochure: hyperhidrosis-brochure

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