Clear + Brilliant® Laser Treatment

What is Clear + Brilliant®?

If you’re battling the effects that aging can have on your skin, or trying to address it before the battle even starts, Clear + Brilliant® can help.

This simple, gentle series of laser treatments, provided by our licensed medical estheticians at ArtMed, can help prevent the visible signs of aging and reduce the overall dulling effects that time and the environment can have on your skin.

A Clear + Brilliant® treatment leaves your skin feeling smoother, younger, and give you a radiant glow that comes from healthy, youthful skin. Routine treatments deliver lasting results that can keep you looking younger for years to come.

How does Clear + Brilliant® work?

Clear + Brilliant® is a gentle laser that refreshes your skin from the inside out. The laser energy creates millions of microscopic treatment zones in the upper layers of the skin, replacing damaged skin with healthy, younger-looking tissue.

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