What is Radiesse?

Radiesse is an injectable dermal filler that has unique properties. It consists of tiny calcium-based microspheres which are suspended in a water-based gel. These calcium spheres are similar to minerals that are found naturally in your body.

How does Radiesse work?

When injected under the skin of the hands, neck or decolletage Radiesse begins to stimulate the production of the body’s natural collagen and elastin thereby improving skin density and elasticity over time. Approved by Health Canada since 2005, Radiesse is an excellent treatment option for improving the appearance of thin, crepey skin on the back of the hands, the neck and the décolletage.

Why do we specifically use Radiesse in the hands, neck and décolletage?

The skin of the back of the hands, the neck and the décolletage is thinner than the skin on the face. Consequently, these areas tend to become crepey sooner than the face. Because these areas are thin, it is not ideal to treat with traditional HA fillers as the result may be lumpy. Biostimulating fillers like Radiesse are ideally suited to treat the thinner skin. By stimulating your own natural collagen production Radiesse is able to provide a very natural improvement in skin quality and density.

Radiesse For Hands Information PDF: radiesse

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