What is Derm-eclatTM?

Derm-eclatTM is a topical procedure that effectively treats skin hyperpigmentation, caused by sun exposure, hormonal disorders, and genetic predispositions.

How does Derm-eclatTM work?

The Derm-eclatTM system has two stages:

Stage 1

The Derm-eclatTM skin mask is applied to the face in our office, by our team of medical aestheticians.

Stage 2

Derm-eclatTM Daily Skin Rejuvenation Cream is then applied at home to continue the depigmentation process started by the mask and ensure the maintenance of results.

The mechanism of the Derm–eclatTM treatment is based on the inhibition of a basic enzyme in the melanin formation process. The treatment blocks the melanogenesis process by eliminating existing hyperpigmentation.

Derm-Eclat PDF Brochure: derm-eclat-brochure

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