enVy Silk Pillow

At ArtMed, we aim to help you combat age-related skin changes no matter their cause. One under appreciated cause of permanent facial wrinkles is sleeping. In general, expression lines that are horizontal are caused by muscle contraction (think of crow’s feet and forehead lines) while vertical lines on the forehead, cheeks and chin are be caused by compression of the face when we sleep. These lines are typically worse on the side you prefer to sleep on. Repeated pressing of our face into a solid surface (our pillow) etches these lines into our skin permanently.

The Envy Pillow provides OFF-YOUR-FACE patented anti-aging and anti-wrinkle therapeutic design. Made from best in class Canadian made memory foam the Envy pillow will encourage you to sleep off your face while providing unmatched neck, spine and jaw support.

Developed by Canadian nurses, and featured on Dragon’s Den, this unique product comes in three designs. There is the original Envy pillow with a bamboo pillow case, the Envy pillow with 100% mulberry silk pillowcase (to minimize hair breakage while sleeping) and the copper infused Envy pillow (CuTEC™ infused memory foam offers germ kill of 99.99% of all superbugs) is ideal for the acne-prone teen or health challenged individual in your family.

ArtMed carries the full line of Envy pillows. We love their product and we think you’ll love it too.

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