EyEnvy Lash Conditioner & Makeup

At ArtMed we believe in providing options to address your beauty concerns. Having long and luscious lashes that are entirely your own is on many of our client’s wish lists. To that end we offer prescription lash serum Latisse from Allergan, but also EyEnvy which is produced in Quebec. For individuals who cannot use Latisse (due to medical reasons or hypersensitivity issues) EyEnvy may be the answer. We have been amazed by the longer, thicker lashes that result from using this conditioning serum.

EyEnvy is a combination of vitamins and strengthening peptides that is applied to the eyelash line. Because EyEnvy strengthens lashes it is an excellent product to use in conjunction with eyelash extensions. Bonus!! EyEnvy can be used on the eyebrows to promote length, thickness and strength for brows as well. EyEnvy is not available online but only through professional clinics and spas.

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