What is VanquishME? 

VanquishME (Maximum Energy), is a Health Canada and FDA approved next generation, non-invasive radio-frequency technology to reduce excess fat around the abdomen, flank and thigh area.  VanquishME is manufactured by BTL – a highly respected European developer/manufacturer of medical technology. 

Who is an ideal candidate for VanquishME? 

The ideal candidate for Vanquish is an individual who has reached or is approaching their ideal body weight but continues to struggle with stubborn belly fat (love handles), flank fat (bra fat) or is unhappy with the shape of the upper thighs due to fat deposits. If you’ve been working out and plateaued, and you’d just love to get a step closer to that six-pack or look a bit sleeker in your swimsuit then Vanquish is a great option.  

How does it work? 

The BTL VanquishME procedure disrupts fat cells through the selective heating of adipose tissue. When fat cells are heated to 43 for greater than 15 minutes, they undergo apoptosis (a controlled die off). With Vanquish the aim is to heat the fat cells to between 41-43 degrees for 30-45 minutes depending on the area being treated. Hydration before treatment is important because well hydrated fat cells are more subject to heating apoptosis. Heat level during treatment is monitored and after the treatment ArtMed employs complementary shock-wave treatment with BTL Cellutone to encourage maximal apoptosis in the treatment zone.  ArtMed also includes a bottle of Alastin Transform Body Treatment cream to be used before and after Vanquish treatments which has been shown to enhance results by up to 50% at week 12. 

The patented selectivity of Vanquish treatment ensures that only fat is affected, while surrounding tissues remain protected. The entire procedure is contactless. Typically, all you will feel is a warm sensation in the treated area, which may last for a few hours post therapy. Occasionally an individual may have an area of firmness (like a egg) in a treatment zone for a week or two after treatment which resolves with time. 

Because Vanquish is contactless and is used in a large treatment area (unlike Coolsculpting) the result is very natural looking and avoids any risk of uneven fat deposits or lumpiness. Paradoxical fat hyperplasia which can be a complication with Coolsculpting in up to 1% of patients is virtually unheard of with Vanquish. 

Typically 4 or 5 treatments are required per treatment area. There are certain contraindications to treatment so a thorough consultation is required before initiating a Vanquish series.  

Vanquish ME PDF Brochure: vanquish-brochure

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